My practice revolves around topics such as labor, routine, efficiency and the logistics and programmatic structures that are embedded within contemporary goal-determinacy, career goals and consumer motives. As such, I am obliged to draw a perspective on notions such as reason and normative propriety, and also about how these notions ultimately relate to mass media and cultural production. My practice is research-based and has therefore resulted primarily in essays and images. However, at this moment, I view my longstanding interest in programming and computing more and more in light of my artistic practice. This would also fit in with my practice that continues more and more in lines of y interest in the programmatic and machinic in the sociological as it relates to questions about determinacy, formal concepts and generality, health, and the corporate.


It is important to note that until further notice, unfortunately, very few of my work is available online. My practice as well as my personal life are going through some thorough changes. As such I feel obliged to leave the visitor of this website with a couple of placeholders for the time being. Apologies for the inconvenience. An update will be found in this section soon.

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A Realer Abstraction

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The Machine & I Split The Work Fifty-Fifty

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Variations on Incomplete Open Necker Cubes

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Tartarian Lamb


Cultural Clustering Under Cognitive Capitalism

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Mapping the Canny

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